Health & Safety at Laughing Buddha

The cleanliness of our studio and the health and safety of our community has always been our top priority but now even more so. We’re following these enhanced procedures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Studio Mask Policy

As of 5/7/23, masks in the studio are now optional. All staff members MUST WEAR MASKS during any procedures and may ask you to wear a mask during the procedure as well at their discretion. 


What We’re Doing

Enhanced & Frequent Cleaning

We’ve always been on top of it when it comes to cleaning, now with some added measures. We use top-grade disinfectant that is proven to kill viruses like COVID-19 on all high-touch surfaces as well as pens, clipboards and mirrors after each use by a client. Automatic hand-sanitizer dispensers are available upon entry. Tattoo and piercing rooms are cleaned thoroughly before and after each client.

Online + remote consultations

We are offering remote tattoo consultations to reduce traffic inside the studio. Those can be booked online, on the tattoo page of the artist you’d like to work with. Depending on your artist, this will be over Zoom, FaceTime or a phone call. We unfortunately cannot guarantee any tattoo time without a consultation at this time. Please note that not all artists will be available for booking and wait times will vary.

Digital Check-in Process

Our inside waiting area currently has limited seating available, therefore we have implemented a digital check-in process to reduce traffic when checking in clients. When you arrive for your appointment, simply scan the QR code on our door to notify us that you have arrived. Once our lobby is clear, a body art consultant will come out to welcome you in for your appointment.


Social distancing measures

Doors to the entrance remain locked at this time to maintain minimum traffic inside the studio. Only one appointment is allowed into the lobby at a time to grant you space and help you feel comfortable while selecting jewelry or asking questions about your piercing. To help, floor markers will indicate a safe distance in the lobby and hallways. Our waiting area has seats blocked off to promote further social distancing.

At this time, we are appointment only for all services.

We unfortunately are unable to accommodate walk-ins for piercings, tattoos or jewelry purchases at this time to limit the number of people in the lobby at one time. Our lobby space is small and priority goes to appointments.

Appointment coming up?
Prepare using the checklists below:

Health Check

Have you had any cold or flu-like symptoms in the last 2 weeks?

Has anyone in your household had cold or flu-like symptoms in the last 2 weeks?


Tattoo Appointments

✅ Do you have valid physical ID?

✅ Have you eaten food prior to your appointment? This will help you not feel dizzy or faint during your tattoo.

✅ You may want to pack a light snack and your personal water bottle.

✅ Are you dressed comfortably? Can your artist easily access the area you are getting tattooed?

✅ Have you avoided drugs or alcohol prior to your appointment?



✅ Do you have valid physical ID?

✅ If you are under 18, do you have your valid birth certificate? You will be required to be accompanied by a legal guardian.

✅ Have you eaten food prior to your appointment? This will help you not feel dizzy or faint after your piercing.

✅ Have you avoided drugs or alcohol prior to your appointment?


Let’s continue to keep each other safe.
We can’t wait to see you!



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