Guest Artists

We love hosting guest artists here at Laughing Buddha! Piercers or Tattooers are welcome if we have an open room at the time you want to visit.

Requirements for guest artists:

  • Approval from the owner or manager
  • You must be licensed in WA state to do tattoos or piercings. We will reimburse you for your license if you are going to guest with us for 5 full days. For less than 5 days, you will buy your own license. To get a tattoo or piercing license please visit the Department of Licensing website here.
  • Current bloodborne pathogens training.
  • A portfolio so we can review your work and to share with our clients
  • A bank account that we can direct deposit your commissions into
  • A filled out and submitted to manager W-9 form
  • Follow all of our studio rules.
  • Be extremely professional and kind to clients
  • Be on time
  • Be ready for every appointment including all drawings done
  • Dress appropriately (No ripped or stained clothes, no open toed shoes, etc.)

What we offer:

  • All disposables including gloves
  • Basic ink in black, white, red, blue, and yellow
  • Tubes, Needles, and/or cartridges
  • Front end Body Art Consultants to receive clients and take care of paperwork
  • Online scheduling that you control or you can handle your own
  • Studio handles deposits, files and pays all sales tax collected for you (There is sales tax on tattoos in WA)
  • Tattooers- You pretty much just need your machines, power supply, clip cord, foot switch, and any additional inks you want
  • Piercers- Just show up. We’ve got everything you need and it’s 100% disposable


Email to inquire