Important Update

We at Laughing Buddha want to ensure your safety is of the utmost importance to us. A state mandate has been issued and all tattoo and body piercing studios will be closed until further notice. This means we will be closing our doors until this pandemic is over.

Health and safety are our top priorities and we have to do our part in helping slow the spread of this virus. 

We will keep you all updated on any changes. For latest updates follow us on Instagram

We can’t wait to see you again at our new location at 1121 E Union St

Piercing Appointments

Laughing Buddha Tattoo & Body Piercing Seattle, WA. Capitol Hill

To book a appointment online a deposit is required, the deposit will cover the piercing fee in most cases. You will still need to buy jewelry to go into your new piercing(s) when you come in for the appointment.   PLEASE SHOW UP AT LEAST 10-20 MINUTES EARLY for your appointment so you can pick out jewelry and fill out paperwork.

We still accept Walk-ins on some days if we are not booked up so please call us if the day/time you want is unavailable for an appointment.

Before booking an appointment please see the Piercing Requirements

If you have a preference on which piercer you would like to work with you can book an appointment with that piercer from their portfolio page. Otherwise you can use the button below.