Piercing by Lynn Loheide

After receiving their first body piercing, a nostril, at age 14, Lynn was instantly hooked to the art of body piercing. Upon graduating high school, Lynn started working at their first studio before continuing on to work at two well-known and respected shops in the Philadelphia area for several years. There they began learning the basics of the trade as a studio manager before honing their skills as an apprentice and later, a professional body piercer. With a fierce passion for their craft, Lynn moved to South Florida in 2015 and Nashville in 2019 to train and continue their education. Now, they work on providing only the best service to their clients and helping them see the beauty in piercing. Lynn focuses on identity-affirming services which include genital piercings for gender affirmation, trauma-informed work, and work with surgically altered tissue or medical conditions. They love doing unique and interesting ear projects, and curating full facial piercing setups.

Lynn is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. When they aren’t piercing they are spending time with their four adorable cats, watching anime, and hiking in nature.​

To view their portfolio, including their 18+ gallery, please check out their website.


Piercing Appointments
High Nostrils, Forward Facing Nostrils and Cheeks

Piercing Portfolio