Piercing by Colin O

After being interested in piercing for most of my life, I started an apprenticeship just a few months before my 19th birthday (2009) at Evolved Body Art in Columbus, Ohio. I learned the ins and outs of the industry there, and I honestly wouldn’t be where I’m at now if I hadn’t gotten this kind of awesome start in the world of body piercing. I spent a bit of time learning there and pierced there full time for a few years.

After 5 cumulative years at my first studio, I parted ways with them and did a long series of guest spots at some of the United States’ finest body piercing establishments including:

  • Enigma Professional Piercing | San Diego, CA
  • The Crypt | Arlington, TX
  • Piercing Experience | Atlanta, GA
  • Rose Golds | San Francisco, CA
  • Deep Roots | Seattle, WA
  • Nomad Body Piercing | San Francisco, CA
  • Good Life Body Piercing | Akron, OH

I’m fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to work in all of these studios, and after a couple of guest spots at Laughing Buddha in Seattle, Washington I decided to take a full-time position here where I continue to advance and grow as a person and piercer.

For questions regarding Piercings or Jewelry please contact me at: Piercings.by.colin@gmail.com 

Piercing Appointments