Tattoos by David

David, Tattoo Artist at Laughing Buddha Tattoo and Body Piercing Seattle, WA. Capitol Hill

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Tattoos by David

David started his apprenticeship in 1997 at China Sea Tattoo in Honolulu HI under Michael Malone (Rollo Banks) after he bought the shop from Sailor Jerry’s Widow. He has traveled and worked at various award winning shops between Minneapolis and Seattle where he settled in 2002. PNW has been his most favorite city in the country by far, with its incomparable nature and beauty.

David’s interests in art varies, as he is a tattoo artist, painter, photographer, and a musician. His favorite tattoo styles can be described as bold and bright colored traditional American art. His second favorite is tattoos of dark images done with various degrees of black and white, usually in occult and metaphysical nature. As a painter, David likes to watercolor (or “spit shade” which is a term in the tattoo world which describes a specific way of using watercolor). David has showcased his paintings all over Seattle cafes, bars, art galleries, and other places where artists usually congregate. His photography work has been shown on many popular websites as Vice Magazine, Metal Blade Records, and countless other music related sites. As a musician, he was the vocalist for a local Seattle band called Sayonara and has a 10-inch vinyl (record) put out by the Fainting Room Collective. He and the drummer are currently putting together a new band.

He loves tattooing in a very metaphysical sense. There are some elements in the tattooing world that the artist would almost become a medium of some sort and derive images from the “Unreal” or the “Other” World. Currently, the tattoo world has a mass appeal to the simple consumerists world. It wasn’t always like that. David enjoys taking the customer’s lead and combining the ideas received from the World Beyond the White Veil. After all, wouldn’t you like your tattoo to be something special? Something more than what people see and easily digest as “just another tattoo”?

David lives a quiet life in Madrona with his two cats, Echo and Ohyan. Please feel free to talk to him about your pets. He will love you for that.

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