Tattoos by Kyle

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My name is Kyle DeCory and I’m from here in the sunny city of Seattle, WA. I’ve had a passion for creating since before I could remember, and I knew from day that I wanted to pursue a career in art. (With the exception of when I was about 6 and I thought I wanted to be a police officer. Lucky for all of us, that dream died long ago).

I was fortunate enough to grow up in this industry because my father is also a tattoo artist. Needless to say, I spent a great deal of my childhood at the shop drawing, painting, watching and overall being in the way. I don’t know if I fully appreciated it at the time, but I couldn’t image myself in a different career now. I’ve worked here at Laughing Buddha for nearly 5 years now starting behind the counter originally. I’m thankful to have been able to work within such a supportive environment and I’m proud to now work here as a professional artist. I love doing tattoos of all types, and I especially enjoy when I get the creative freedom to help somebody bring an artistic concept to life.

I have a strong, illustrative style to my artwork. I’m a huge fan of bright colors and bold linework. My personal artwork tends to be any combination of exaggerated caricatures, melting monsters, and human figures. In short, I like drawing creepy creatures and pretty ladies.

When I’m not working on visual art, I like to spend my time making music, exploring the outdoors and surrounding myself with people who inspire me to move forward. A wise man by the name of Aristotle once said; “never let your lactose intolerance keep you from achieving your dreams”. This is a statement I will always hold close to my heart and keeps me constantly striving for bigger and better.


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