Tattoos by Nikki

Nikki currently isn’t accepting new appointments. Stay tuned via her Instagram to know when her books will be open again!

My name is Nikki Power and I moved to Seattle around 6 years ago to escape the hellscape known as Phoenix, Arizona. Art has always been something that’s been a passion of mine, and I soon realized after constantly having to be told to stop drawing on my arms and legs at age 8 that I wanted to be a tattoo artist. Growing up I spent a majority of my time getting immersed in graphic novels and video games and trying to recreate what I was seeing in my own style.

I have been in the tattoo industry since 2017 and am looking forward to creating bigger, better, and bolder pieces every day. I can adapt to any style, but my favorite subjects to tattoo are dark horror, detailed black work, and botanical illustrations. For inspiration, I flip through books of vintage illustrations, 19 th century medical texts, and horror graphic novels. Although I specialize in black work, I also love working with vibrant color palettes and creating neon and pastel designs.

When I’m not in the shop, you can find me watching old television reruns, trying out new recipes and spending time with my Boston Terrier and two cats.


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